Mistee (hitzusin) wrote,

#090 - What have I doooonnneeee

I have so much to write. D: So, as you know (or have read) I'm obsessed with Supernatural now. And I've been writing lately. I've also started a fic that I now have writers block with. *sobs* I've written like, 4-5 oneshots instead. For some reason the next chapter just .. doesn't want to be written. ;A;

On top of writing my next chapter, I have a oneshot half written that needs to be finished.

Not only that but I have at least 6 other fics to write for 3 people (1 for their birthday and 1 as a christmas gift).

I have also signed up for the Dean/Cas Secret Santa WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS TO MYSELF. I am comforted by the fact that the minimum word count is 1.5k which I should hopefully have no problem writing regardless of the prompt I am given.

But ugh, SO MUCH WRITING. At least it doesn't ALL have to be done right now. Good god I'd freak out from the overload of how much I'd need to write.
Tags: .anime/manga & other fangirling
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