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#091 - Some crap and SPN 7.06

First things first. I am tired and sore because I had to help dad put in the new front door he bought but somehow it's all fucked up and not fitting right and idefk but it took 8 hours and it's still not "done" but it's good enough for now. -I- stopped "helping" at 11pm (there was really nothing for me to help with since like, 8-9pm but I didn't want to piss dad off by just walking off) and had dinner, since I hadn't eaten since like, noon. So yeah, I probably shouldn't be writing any of this until tomorrow since I'm tired, sore, tired and it's almost 3am.

Oh well. Anyway, the following are my thoughts on tonight's fucking AWESOME episode and will be behind the cut for spoilers. They are not in any real order since I'm just sort of going off of what I'm remembering.

First off, this episode fucking ROCKED good god I don't think I have any ovaries left. Fucking Levi!Dean was hot as fuck, holy shit. I sort of want Levi!Dean/Dean now, thank you very much. Also maybe a little Levi!Dean/Sam and Levi!Sam/Dean. Shut up, don't judge me. :|

There is just so much about this ep that I liked, I don't even. For one, I like Frank and Dean's reaction both times before they got down to business and lolol at Sam when he broke the laptop and then handed over the new one, which they need to pay for. That amused me.

I swear I came each time Levi!Dean and Levi!Sam were on screen wreaking havoc. It was really hot. I especially like the way Levi!Dean winks. Especially when he winks at Dean.

Just .. Dean with a fucking gun is sexy. I don't care what he's doing. Each time Dean showed up on screen with a gun, BAM go my ovaries. Oh and the scene with them in the diner talking about the boys was pretty funny. I was amused by how much they hate Dean and Sam.

Also, also. I fucking love this mother fucking show. Fucking Air Supply bitches, oh god Dean I love you don't ever change. Dean singing to Air Supply and then trying to secretly sing and avoid Sam looking at him and then not being able to sing because of Sam. Did I mention I fucking love this show? And you know of course the song was totes about Dean and Cas, because that song reminds me of them too.

I am insanely happy they found a way to combat the Leviathans but okay, seriously, BORAX? Really? That simple? I sort of expected better but, you know, whatever.

Crowley and muffins. I lol'd. Also, fuck yeah Crowley you swanky bastard I fucking love you. I hope we see more of him. I have a feeling he'll be paying the boys a visit in the future.

But okay, seriously. When Levi!Dean told Sam about Amy and the fucking look he gave Sam right then, with the slight raise of his eyebrow and that slow, surprised smile right before talking about being able to eat him now? Fucking wet my goddamn panties. JFC that man.

I know there's probably more, but that's all my brain can think of right now.

Okay, so here's a few things I've noticed.

1. Dean did not seem that bothered by killing Levi!Sam. I don't know if it's because he KNOWS it's not the REAL Sam, and these guys have been wearing their faces while killing people or what. But it just sat weird with me.

2. Dean did not fight at all to keep Sam at the end. Before, Dean would have fought and argued to try to keep Sam, but this time he just let him walk away.

I think Dean is just getting tired. Tired of all this bullshit that keeps piling up, never getting a break. Tired of lying and keeping secrets and saying he's fine when he's clearly not. I could go on and on about Dean like this. But I won't because I'm fucking tired and sorta headachey.

3. For whatever reason, they kept the squeaky toy pony that Dean pulled off the rear view mirror. It's in the trunk next to the duffle bag. xDD

4. For some reason, the boys are apparently a threat to the Leviathans which they can't kill (that we know of). Interesting how badly they want them out of the way. Hmmmm. I hope this gets elaborated on.

Since I had to watch the ep online I didn't get to see the previews for the next new ep. Wondering if I should spoil myself or just wait. Choices, choices.

Anyway, that's it for now. I might re-watch the ep tomorrow or Sunday and do a full on review though it's likely I won't rofl.

I hope you all enjoyed the ep as much as I did~
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